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With Booster Set 4 on the horizon, people are getting ready to start building the Stern Blaukruger line (VG effect, CB2, Discard 2, stand VG and booster, lose Twin Drive).  And with the reveal of a new crossride for ‘Beast Deity, Azure Dragon’, the Nova Grappler clan is getting a lot of hype.  But, before I entertain the idea of a Blaukruger deck or an NG Crossride deck, I’d at least like to introduce the clan, detail how it generally works, and then dive into an already-existing build for the clan.

The Nova Grapplers are a collection of combat-oriented Battleroids and Workeroids from the Star Gate nation.  While I’ve yet to see an actual Stargate get incorporated into any of the cards from this nation, the clans within it all seem to be extraterrestrial ones, so the possibility of a Stargate existing in this franchise isn’t completely out of the question.

But I digress.  Nova Grapplers excel in two areas of Cardfight!! Vanguard play: Unflipping damage, and Standing their units.  Two of their Stand Trigger units, ‘Battleraizer’ and ‘Turboraizer’ are both units that can shuffle themselves into the deck after boosting a unit, helping to push the ‘Stand every unit ever’ image that the clan likes to display.  Plenty of their units are able to automatically unflip damage upon calling / using their effects, and plenty other units have ways of standing either themselves or other units on the field.

Of course, there’s little point in unflipping damage if you have no helpful way of using it in the first place.  ‘Brutal Jack’ (better known as ‘Genocide Jack’) is an 11k Grade 2 unit, that can only attack for a turn after a CB1.  As a Vanguard, it also gains +5k power whenever it’s boosted by another Nova Grappler.  It’s a ridiculously powerful unit, and one that brings benefits whenever it can attack for more than once a turn.  ‘Magician Girl, Kirara’ is your typical 9k Grade 2 that can let you draw a card upon paying CB2 after a successful attack.  While these units aren’t normally too useful, it can find its worth in a Nova Grappler deck if you run enough units to unflip damage so that you can continuously use the effect.

Now, a lot of players don’t necessarily care for Stand Triggers.  They’re generally viewed as inferior to Critical Triggers, and in many cases, they are.  Heck, even the Stern Blaukruger line will likely forgo the usage of some Stand Triggers in order to fit more Criticals.  But, Stand Triggers aren’t the only options available for the Nova Grapplers to attack twice in a turn.  ‘Death Army Guy’ and ‘Death Army Lady’ are a 7k Grade 1 and a 9k Grade 2 (respectively) that both stand whenever your Drive Check reveals a Grade 3 unit.  ‘Asura Kaiser’ is an 11k Grade 3 unit that allows you to stand one of your Rearguard units whenever you reveal a Grade 3 on a Drive Check.  ‘Beast Deity, Azure Dragon’ is another 11k Grade 3 unit that allows you to do a Persona Blast (discard another Azure Dragon from your hand) to stand up to 2 of your Rearguard units, whenever your Vanguard Azure Dragon lands an attack against the opponent’s Vanguard.

As with all of the decks that I’ve placed on here so far, I stress that I only put these cards together so that you can experiment with the build, see what you like, and change stuff as you see fit.  I’ll explain my reasoning behind things like the trigger distribution, choice of starting Vanguard, etc.

Decklist: Grade 3 = Trigger Unit


  • 1x Beast Deity, White Tiger

Grade 0:

  • 4x Turboraizer (Stand)
  • 4x Battleraizer (Stand)
  • 4x Red Lightning (Critical)
  • 4x Ring Girl, Clara (Heal)

Grade 1:

  • 4x Death Army Guy
  • 3x Tough Boy
  • 3x Twin Blader (Perfect Shield)
  • 2x Claydoll Mechanic

Grade 2:

  • 4x Brutal Jack
  • 4x Death Army Lady
  • 3x Beast Deity, Black Tortoise

Grade 3:

  • 4x Asura Kaiser
  • 4x Beast Deity, Azure Dragon

Now, first off, the deck image.  You’ve got a field full of units.  Your front row has pretty much the highest attack possible in the game.  Your Rearguard columns swing, and cripple the opponent’s defenses, either by wiping out their Rearguard, depleting their hand, or straight-up dealing damage to them.  Your Vanguard swings for its own powerful attack… and your entire Rearguard stands once again. Bewildered, your opponent slumps to the ground in defeat.  Within a handful of turns, they have been reduced to nothing.  While that’s not a likelihood, it’s more than possible with this deck.  A single Grade 3 unit checked by your Vanguard could hypothetically do that.  If it’s an Asura Kaiser attacking, that becomes even more possible.

The Starting Vanguard in this deck will be a ‘Beast Deity, White Tiger’.  It’s a card that can throw itself back into the Rearguard after being ridden.  Whenever it boosts a successful attack against the Vanguard, you can CB1 to Soulcharge it, and stand one of your ‘Beast Deity’ Rearguard units.  With Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon in the deck, you’re more than capable of pulling this effect off in a game.  If you wanted, you could drop this entirely, and just use a Turboraizer / Battleraizer as the Starting Vanguard, and toss it back into the deck for later usage.

For the Trigger distribution, I chose 4 Heal / 4 Crit / 8 Stand.  I’m personally rather iffy about it, as I prefer to run more defensive decks, and find myself sorely missing Draw Triggers.  But, this is an offensive deck, and those more or less demand offensive triggers.  Stands are awesome in this deck, as you generally want to attack with all of your Rearguards first, before having your Vanguard swing.  The Vanguard attack always tends to be blocked, so getting a Critical Trigger after the fact doesn’t tend to help, unless you also have a way to Stand another unit on the field to pass it off to.  This deck (with 8 Stands) allows you to do just that.  In addition, you’ll have a plethora of 10k shields floating around to attempt to make up for the lack of draw power.

Alternative Considerations

With this specific build, there isn’t much room for hand advantage or defensive power.  Going with a 4 Heal / 8 Crit / 4 Draw trigger distribution and a few Magician Girl Kiraras would offer additional chances to get cards in the hand, while not cutting too terribly into your ability to re-stand your units (You still have Asura Kaiser and the Death Army units).